Friday 29 March 2013

pdf files poetry

pdf files seem to be going through a revival in popularity so I've grouped together here links to the ones I've got on my website

From 2008, a short collection called People-focussed Algorithms – it's pretty negative, not life-affirming or nice – and also I was experimenting with form & actually, I still quite like it

Ashley's Backward Phonemes – snazzy title, eh? – and what might it be? Well, I converted every word in the Shorter Oxford Dictionary into phonemes [sound units] and then sorted them so that each word that ended with the same sound was listed together – ie it's a kind of rhyming dictionary [from 2009]

3 – hah! well, I live in hope – this pdf is 3 poems, titled 3 poems, which are my most favourite that I've ever written, but, fret not, I seriously believe I'm the only person in the whole universe that likes them. It's one of the reasons why I started going to writing classes [to find out why only me liked my writing] and I sort of went full circle – anyway, here's the link

on the other hand, also from Feb 2013, is express-70 Short Poems which, I'm happy to say, is proving quite popular

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