Sunday 31 March 2013


My pocket notebook
is 6 months old
looks 6 years old
I been out in the rain
and anyway using 
a bigger exercise book
coz I'd take a drink
and a snack in a bag
make a session out of it
and also carry a couple collections
to browse

So, it's a sunny day and warm
for the moment
I got a fruit bar
in my pocket
but the crowds are out
– not surprised

It's BST today
and the energy is rising
– a bare twig
stuck in the ground
looking to grow
& move about

take what you need

take what you need
you think will last

to avoid recrimination
and destruction
let's gather together
all the good
ringfence it
shape it into an egg
maybe one day it'll hatch
or remain
a memento
object d'art

Friday 29 March 2013

pdf files poetry

pdf files seem to be going through a revival in popularity so I've grouped together here links to the ones I've got on my website

From 2008, a short collection called People-focussed Algorithms – it's pretty negative, not life-affirming or nice – and also I was experimenting with form & actually, I still quite like it

Ashley's Backward Phonemes – snazzy title, eh? – and what might it be? Well, I converted every word in the Shorter Oxford Dictionary into phonemes [sound units] and then sorted them so that each word that ended with the same sound was listed together – ie it's a kind of rhyming dictionary [from 2009]

3 – hah! well, I live in hope – this pdf is 3 poems, titled 3 poems, which are my most favourite that I've ever written, but, fret not, I seriously believe I'm the only person in the whole universe that likes them. It's one of the reasons why I started going to writing classes [to find out why only me liked my writing] and I sort of went full circle – anyway, here's the link

on the other hand, also from Feb 2013, is express-70 Short Poems which, I'm happy to say, is proving quite popular

video poem

my little video, first ever poem on Youtube


You love like a flashflood
like spring
like need

I hunger like I never tasted you
Get hit by moments of you
Love you like flower fog
Need you like abnormality
like navigation

deep love you
love need you
love you hunger
love hunger 


[from one year ago]
{happy birthday}

(The One)

I am with you, she said
Can you feel this, this kiss
Don’t you wish for me
every second of the day
Don’t you dream within dreams
within me
Do you not come to me blind
Am I not spell-binder 
your possessor

Dissolve into me
as nothing I have known before

Make this mark
Imprint indelibly a fracture

From this point
nothing will be the same

[after edit, from 19JUN12]


a different poem every day of the year
hope you like them


get a poem
one out of 375, at random

Monday 18 March 2013

70 Short Poems ,Video, Portfolio

update ... some new links

70 short poems now up on my website
hope you enjoy these

my first attempt at a video of me reading a poem :-)

I've also put my MA Portfolio on my website
3000 word thesis plus 50 poems
in case anyone would like to have a look

best wishes